GentiLight Touch


LED design lamp made from the finest materials with touch control, a mains adapter as well as a built-in battery. Stepless brightness controls and three light modes that are good for your eyes. Due to the flexibility of the body, the lamp can be placed or hung anywhere.

69incl. VAT

Choose lamp color

Even a lamp can be a health investment

With a mere touch, select one of three white light modes and smoothly regulate its intensity, depending on what you are doing. For writing choose the cold white light, for reading the neutral white light and for working on a computer or the phone the warm white light that is gentle on the eyes.

A design to compliment your interior

Lighting should last for years. The LED lamp is therefore made of the finest materials, primarily metal and durable rubber. The result is a uniquely designed product that is not only functional and beneficial for your health, but also an interior compliment for those luxuriously decorated spaces.

Place it anywhere

Sometimes we need light in a place where a light source cannot be ideally placed. The GentiLight lamp does not have that restriction. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be hung over the headboard, the arm of the couch or even when using a hammock.

Three colours of light

Cool white (5400K) - writing, Neutral white (4200K) - reading, Warm white (3100K) – working with electronics.

Adjust brightness

Continuous, stepless brightness control using the touch panel.

Directional light source

The light is generated so as to illuminate a specific area. The light will not dazzle you or your sleeping partner.

Mains or battery operated

The lamp can be operated using the mains adapter, included in the package, and well as the internal battery.

Battery life of up to 30 hours on a single charge

GentiLight Touch lasts up to thirty hours, depending on the mode selected.

Touch panel

Everything can be easily set with a single touch, from light intensity to light colour.

Durable materials

The body is made from high-quality materials that can withstand repeated stress when bending the lamp.

Non-slip finish

The bottom of the lamp is made form slip-resistant rubber.

Suitable for travelling

Thanks to its compact and durable design, built-in battery and high-quality, the lamp can be easily taken anywhere.

Pack contents

  • Lamp
  • USB charger
  • USB cable
  • manual
Online user manual Online catalog

GentiLight Touch parameters

Battery Li-Polymer 2000 mAh
Battery life 3-30 hours
Input power DC 5V1A
Power consumption 0.09 – 3.75 W
Colour temperature Cool white (5400K) - writing
Neutral white (4200K) - reading
Warm white (3100K) – working with electronics
Dimensions 56.2 x 6.5 x 2.1 cm
Weight 385 g


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