New generation fitness band

Advanced fitness tracker with continuous heart rate monitor and automatic sleep evaluation. As well as providing notifications, it also offers location tracking via GPS, weather forecast and the ability to control the music and the camera on your phone. Maximum usage guarantees a battery life of up to 10 days plus it's IP67 waterproof.

Pulse Measurement 24 Hours a Day

Proper functioning of the heart is important for both health and longevity. The BFit PRO is equipped with a heart rate sensor which takes readings at regular intervals 24 hours a day. Whenever you wear the band, you can keep track of your heart activity and whilst exercising, monitor your level of cardio.

Maximum Use Even Under Water

With a ten-day battery and an integrated USB connector, there is no need to worry about when and where to charge the band. Wear it all day and even take a bath without having to remove it. Plus wear it throughout the night and it will know when you sleep and automatically start monitoring your sleep activity.

Fitness Trainer on Your Wrist

The BFit PRO records data about your activity and displays the daily summary on a timeline. Choose sport, stopwatch or breathing exercises directly on the band. If it is within range of your smartphone, the band can show the weather forecast, message notifications or calls. It even uses the GPS of your phone to record the location of your physical activities.

Steps, heartbeat, sleep, calories…

The heartrate sensor, pedometer and sleep sensor collect data on your activity day and night. In the app, you can view steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled and other stats and graphs.

Supports multiple sports

Before you start, you can choose one of 14 types of sports such as fitness, running, football, climbing and more. In the summary, activity is differentiated by sport and the measurement itself is specifically tailored to the activity being performed.

IP67 certification

The band complies with IP67 rating. This means that, in addition to handling sweat, it can be fully immersed in water to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes and is resistant to the penetration of dust or tiny particles.

Call alerts, SMS and notifications

After pairing with your smartphone, the band displays message alerts, notifications and incoming calls. It can also find your phone and remotely control the phone’s camera shutter.

GPS connection

The wristband app can use your smartphone’s GPS and store location data. This makes the measured distances much more accurate and the activity can be viewed with a map overlay displaying the route taken.

Weather forecast

When connected to a smartphone, the band can display the weather forecast. Never again get rained on during sports or on your way to work.

Music remote

When listening to music from your smartphone, the band can be used as a remote. See what music is playing directly on the screen, switch tracks or pause.

Different looks

As well as the exact time being synchronised from your phone, the band can also display weather and humidity data. It’s up to you what display layout or clock face you choose.

Two straps in the pack

In addition to the basic black strap, it comes with sporty red strap. Both straps are made of a comfortable material and can be easily replaced.

Automatic sleep mode and silent alarm

The band itself recognizes when you fall asleep and automatically switches to sleep evaluation mode. In the morning you will wake up at your chosen time to a silent vibration on your wrist.

Inactivity alert

If you do not move for an extended period of time, you can set an inactivity alert and the band will remind you get moving after the selected interval. Directly in the band menu, you can also start breathing relaxation exercises.

Up to 10 days on battery and USB charging

The band battery lasts for about 10 days. Thanks to the integrated connector, you can just remove it from the rubber strap and plug it into a USB port for about one and a half hours.

Pack Contents

  • 1x BFit PRO fitness band with black strap
  • 1x Red strap
  • 1x User Manual
Online user manual Online catalog

BFit PRO Fitness Band Parameters

Function Continuous heart rate measurement, pedometer, time, date, weather, automatic sleep monitor, GPS connection, find your phone, lost phone alert, calories burnt, camera remote, music remote, inactivity alert, breathing exercises, alarm clock, stopwatch, do not disturb, caller display, display incoming message, view notifications
Bluetooth 4.2
Display 0.96” OLED
Body weight 9 g
Total band weight 22 g
Body dimensions 41 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm
Charging USB 5V / 0.5 A
Battery 65 mAh Li-Ion (approx. 10 days of operation)
Waterproofing To a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes (IP67)
Compatibility mobile devices with iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+*

*Modified Android versions from some manufacturers may cause problems with connecting Bluetooth devices. For the current exceptions, check

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