Shield IP Camera

Tireless guardian of your home
LAMAX Shield IP Camera protects your home and your loved ones. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids or in conjunction with the Shield wireless security system, to catch thieves, you can rely on its sharp high-resolution shots with high-quality sound. With the alarm, IP camera and Wi-Fi socket together, build a complete smart home with LAMAX Tech.

Smart home on your phone

Using the Shield wireless security system and smart socket, you can control the IP camera via the smartphone app. Save the IP camera recordings on your phone, view them in real time or share them with your partner and friends.

Nanny and detective

Are you at work or going to dinner with friends? Do you need to keep an eye on your kids or dog? With the IP camera, you can check out what your kids or pets are up to anytime and anywhere. In combination with the Shield wireless security system, you’ll be aware of any unwelcome visitor. In the event of an intrusion, Shield sends a notification to your phone. Now you can record the intruder and have clear evidence for the police.

Sharp vision

Thanks to the SONY image sensor, the IP camera provides clear and crisp images even in low-light conditions. Night mode enables high-quality images even with minimal lighting and the wide angle of view ensures a view of the entire room.

Resonant voice, sensitive hearing

Built-in HiFi microphone and speaker ensure excellent sound quality in two-way communication. Caution your children or pets in the event of an accident or advise and reassure them.

Share with family and friends

Not only can you watch and record online, but you can share it with your family and friends. Generate a QR code in the mobile app and send it to anyone you want to share your footage with. The recipient just uploads the code to the app and starts recording.

All eyes are on

Intruders can get into your home in many ways and one camera often is not enough. The LAMAX Shield IP Camera allows you to connect 10 devices to your phone. This makes it easy to secure all access points to your home.

Simple mounting and installation

The IP cameras pack also includes a mounting kit. The camera can be mounted with the screws and wall plugs, as well as the 3M stickers. The camera has its own stand, so you can place it anywhere. There are countless options where to place the camera and installation takes just a few minutes. Pair the camera in a few seconds with the smartphone app.

Adjust the image quality

In the app you can choose between three different image modes. This ensures functionality even over a slow Wi-Fi connection in your home, whilst saving your mobile data.

Up to a week of recording

The IP camera includes a microSDHC card slot. In addition to recording video directly on your phone, it can also store the recording on a memory card. Record up to 180 hours on the memory card. As soon as the card is full, the camera will start overwriting the oldest recordings.

Pack contents

  • IP camera
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Manual
Online user manual

Parameters of the LAMAX Shield IP Camera

Image sensor 1/4“ CMOS
Minimum aperture 0.02 Lux
Shutter speed 1/50 sec up to 1/100000 sec
Lens 2.4 mm F2.0
Angle of view 95°
Video codec H.264
Resolution 1280x720 30 fps
Storage Micro SDHC up to 32 GB
Wireless standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz
Bandwidth 20/40 Mhz
Number of devices up to 10 at a time
Operating temperature -5°C - 60°C
Operating humidity up to 95%
Power supply DC 5V 2A
Energy consumption max. 5W
Dimensions 91 x 78 x 115 mm

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LAMAX Shield WiFi Smart Plug

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